Only a fool looks at a finger pointed at the sky”. -Chinese Proverb


As an avid hang glider pilot, it’s no surprise that I’ve been intrigued by raptors from my earliest memories. When I moved to Montana, I took advantage of an opportunity to apprentice with a master Falconer and the multiple relationships I’ve had since with species ranging from wild-trapped Red Tail hawks to captive bread Peregrine falcons has intensely impacted my life’s philosophy. Time spent in the field with a raptor on the fist will always be cherished as having been a rare opportunity to step back to a simpler time in history and to be witness, and in some cases an active participant, to the raw nature of a hunting hawk or falcon. It’s a privilege that is hard expressed in words.


Ultrathon trail running

Passionate about endurance sports, running long distance in the mountains has become the evolution in my training and a large and consistent part of my life. With a family, a design business and the drive to train and improve in climbing and hang gliding, the simplicity and freedom of moving fast and light started out as a way to retain my fitness but has since turned into a serious passion. I love losing myself in thought while running.  After running 50 milers, I am preparing for my first 100 mile mountain runs.  Although the goal requires preparation, it has become much more a lifestyle choice than a specific goal.